abandoned incendiaries: epistemology attributions

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On the theoretical side, our attributions are meant to indicate the quality of the subject’s information about the world. On the practical side, attributions of knowledge and ignorance are tied directly to action. On reflection, it seems that not many of our attributions of knowledge and ignorance are purely theoretical.

In the case of Marxism and Philosophy, this accusation of an idealist deviation’ was partially based on attributions to the author of views which he had never expressed in his work: in some cases he had explicitly rejected them, as in the case of his alleged denial of the dialectics of nature’.

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Some have even suggested that epistemology should be abandoned altogether. However, this process has been offset by a proposal for a new epistemology, rooted in. Indeed, it is the attribution of the quality of “knowledge” to a mode of.

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An approach in epistemology that applies the resources of virtue theory to problems in the theory of knowledge. It is argued that by doing so it is possible to give informative accounts of knowledge, evidence, and other important epistemic concepts, while solving a wide range of problems that have plagued other approaches in the theory of knowledge.

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Most of these answers are correct in saying that history is not strictly a science, as it has epistemological limitations that prevent it from applying the scientific method. But I think there should be a little more nuance to the answer. What d.