The loan came due. Her parents couldn’t pay. Now a teen with cerebral palsy could lose her home.

Her parents claim they were victims of a ‘predatory’ loan. Their lender disagrees. Corporate Business and Non-Profit Law – Miami lawyer – Scanziani Law Group LLC

Angelyn Gutierrez is at risk of losing her family home in Miami-Dade County. Her parents claim they were victims of a ‘predatory’ loan. Their lender disagrees.

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If you borrowed, say $5K, at4% interest, you would pay the $5K plus 4% interest for whatever period of time specified in the Note, and at least at the monthly rate specified. And that total amount of interest increases the total payback amount. Payment could be over several years, depending on the amount and the terms of the Note.

A mother has lost custody of her three children, two with cerebral palsy, after she taught them to say their father. at night even though he was afraid of the dark. The mother can now only contact.

Angelyn Gutierrez, a Miami teenager with severe cerebral palsy, will be able to keep living in the home where she’s spent most of her life. Her family’s private mortgage lender had foreclosed on the Kendall home, saying Angelyn’s parents stopped making monthly payments.The parents claimed they were misled into taking out a high-interest, short-term loan for $148,000 that they could not.

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In the backyard of Angelyn Gutierrez’s West Kendall home lies the pool where she strengthens the muscles of her slender five-foot-two frame. In the living room rests a three-wheeled bike she uses to.

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The Star and other local newspapers wrote stories about the little dynamo at the Hospital for Sick Children who couldn’t go home. Her 10-year, biweekly loan payments average about $941 a month, an.

sleep all week because of her neck hurting. She couldn’t lay down and get comfortable." At 10:30 that evening, he took. cerebral spinal fluid came back after 72 hours with no growth," Lisa Taylor of the Health Department tells, The County, would like to request any terminal pay due her according to Calhoun County School

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