Woman wakes to find 11ft alligator in her kitchen | daily sun

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Woman FURIOUS after breaking tooth on Greggs cupcake;. Homeowner wakes up to find huge alligator in the kitchen. A TERRIFIED homeowner woke up to find an 11ft alligator in their kitchen.

A woman was terrified when she heard an intruder breaking into her home – and found an ALLIGATOR in her kitchen. The 11ft monster crept into her home by. 25 days ago International

Woman wakes to find massive 11ft alligator has broken into her kitchen; From John Legend to jack wilshere: classical pianist Okiem’s fanbase proves genre is not going anywhere

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A WOMAN woke up to find a massive 11ft alligator rummaging through her kitchen on Friday. Mary Wischhusen, 77, saw the huge reptile that broke into the house in Clearwater, Florida, before it raided the kitchen after forcing its way though a low window.

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The Daily CallerThe people running the MSC Opera had a bad Sunday. The massive cruise ship absolutely crushed the dock and a smaller boat while in Venice, italy.. florida woman, 77, wakes to find 11ft alligator in her kitchen – Sky News. I-77 | 77.. Woman riding bike killed in hit-and-run.