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 · Rowling desires a return to the educational system of the Dark Ages, aka. rowling hates kids. This is obvious from other aspects, of course, such as the eight-page Ron Weasley sodomy page in Deathly Hallows that I’ve heard so much about. Of course, two things are obvious.

I blinked away blinding pain, breathed rhythmically, then a napalm blast erupted and engulfed me, incinerating my masculinity, scorching away the ghosts of my past and my fears for my future. He hammered and kneaded me like a sculptor shaping rough stone into a statue of a goddess. My eyes signaled him onward, and to transport me with him.

Brian Klein hits home run to lift Texas Tech over Florida State OMAHA, Neb. (AP) — Brian Klein hit the tiebreaking home run for Texas Tech, and the Red Raiders beat Florida State 4-1 at the College World Series on Wednesday night to close the 40-year coaching.

" Even more revealing is the "way they represent dharma externally in a variety of bodies- such as interfaith dialogue forums, academic religious studies forums, and policy making forums that include international as well as national"( ‘Re-clarifying what Being Different is and is not’, Tue.,, Feb.7, 2012).

"Epic art is founded on action, and the model of a society in which action could play out in greatest freedom was that of the heroic Greek period; so said Hegel, and he demonstrated it with The Iliad: even though Agamemnon was the prime king, other kings and princes chose freely to join him and, like Achilles, they were free to withdraw from the battle.

On the last episode, I discussed our knowledge of the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event, which destroyed something like 75% of all life on the planet. Whether this was the result of widespread volcanic eruption or asteroid impacts or both, there is consensus, based on the fossil record, that most of Earth’s life forms died off at the time.

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 · My earlier glonk noise on Basho’s famous frog-pond poem has some twins composed in 2001 and here reproduced for your aural pleasure: I pond, old old pond frog leaping in in ripple sound II rippling sounds from frog splash a pond wrinkle 30/11/2001 I find that this moves from a study of the qualities of "o" and "i" vowels and their reduplication to a tiny note of short vowel "a" that tinkles.