This is a Job I Would Never Do’: Tied-Up Alligator Knocks Trapper Unconscious in Florida

The US state of Florida is known to be home to many alligators, and while the internet is full of videos of the reptiles creating trouble and disruption, this short clip is more shocking than most.. ‘This is a Job I Would Never Do’: Tied-Up Alligator Knocks Trapper Unconscious in Florida.

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Alligator News Alligator History. 07/03/2019 Let’s Play Mortal Kombat With Live Alligators 06/22/2019 This 12-Foot, 463-Lb. Alligator Went Head to Head with a semitruck 06/12/2019 deputies alligator bit off piece of patrol car in Louisiana 06/01/2019 11-foot alligator breaks into Florida home through kitchen window.

Florida Alligator Headbutts Trapper, Knocks Him Out 02:16 Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission officials were called to a neighborhood in Ocoee, Florida, on May 25 to remove an alligator but, as they loaded the reptile into a truck, it swung around, hitting a trapper and knocking him out.Michael Redding was able to record the moment on his.

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Let me in: Florida resident Jose Roca was woken by a knock on his door this morning and was shocked to find a seven foot alligator on his front porch Alligator Dundee: A trapper was called who.

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