Twin Galaxies Removes Former Donkey Kong Champ Billy Mitchell’s High Scores

Billy Mitchell, the former King of Kong, has been dethroned after his scores were scrubbed from Twin Galaxies’ leaderboards in the wake of a dispute asserting that the high score record holder in.

Dispute Decision: Billy Mitchell’s Donkey Kong & All Other Records Removed. After many months of researching, Twin Galaxies administration has determined the dispute made by Jeremy Young (@xelnia) to be accepted. Alongside this, all of Billy Mitchell’s scores have been removed from Twin Galaxies leaderboards.

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On Thursday night, former "DK" arcade champ Billy Mitchell contacted MTV News to announce that he had reclaimed the top score with a.

Controversial arcade game player Billy Mitchell released a statement today, responding to the recent disqualification of his records from both the Twin Galaxies leaderboards and Guinness World Records.

BILLY MITCHELL BANNED FROM TWIN GALAXIES SCOREBOARD Donkey Kong scoreboard strips Billy Mitchell’s high score claims [Updated] Amid all this unfolding drama, Robbie Lakeman managed to beat his own Donkey Kong world record in a livestreamed performance on Friday. Lakeman surpassed a December mark of 1,230,100 by scoring 1,247,700 points.

The video of Billy Mitchell’s rambling, hour-long defense of his famous "Donkey Kong" high score at the 2018 Southern-Fried Gaming Expo in Atlanta earlier this month is now available on YouTube.

"King of Kong" champ Billy Mitchell, a former Hollywood resident who now lives in Weston, was officially stripped of his Donkey Kong world record and other high. Twin Galaxies administrative staff.

king of kong billy mitchell’s donkey kong scores removed Twin Galaxies published a post on Thursday explaining the research that led to the decision to remove Mitchell’s records.

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Disgraced donkey kong champ billy Mitchell’s Redemption Is a Sloppy Soliloquy. Twin Galaxies has meticulously tested and investigated the dispute case assertions as well as a number of relevant contingent factors, such as the veracity of the actual video performances that the dispute claim assertions rely upon.

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After donkey kong controversy, Guinness Removes All Of Billy Mitchell’s Records. Guinness previously removed the records of Atari player Todd Rogers last January after his record score in the Atari 2600 game Dragster was deemed "impossible" and removed from Twin Galaxies’ leaderboards. Rogers previously held the world record for "longest-standing video game record," which he’d supposedly achieved in 1982.