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In Florida, a cause of action for quiet title is a legal proceeding, which is filed in circuit court and is used to clear title the claimant’s real property. The goal of a quiet title action is to get rid of all claims to title, that would prevent a title insurance company from issuing an insurance policy of clear title.

In an expected move by Florida courts, the scheme of filing a quiet title action to eliminate a lenders claim of a lien through its mortgage has been deemed meritless. The situation revolves around Fidelity Land Trust and sunshine state land trust, both companies that received de.

Despite a September injunction freezing the operations of several south florida. foreclosure action,” Kuvin said. The attorney general’s complaint says the land trusts wrongfully guaranteed they.

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A quiet title action is simply a lawsuit designed to clear title to land and remove any clouds on title on Florida real estate. A quiet title action may not remove or clear up all claims that can be brought against the subject property.

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Certain dicta, however, leaves open the possibility that California may recognize a cause of action when a borrower can actually allege facts showing that the wrong party initiated the foreclosure.

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