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Cannabis is legal now, for starters, in a lot of places.. federal research into the medical efcacy of cannabis treatments for pediatric cancers.. clinics patient advocates who are.

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US|How Moms Turned Advocates Lead the Push for Pediatric Cannabis – Cannabis News World . Mom’s know best. Before 2011, the Turners were a normal Midwestern family. Wendy and her husband Tommy ran a gymnastics studio.

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Utah’s largest healthcare provider has authorized its doctors to recommend the use of medical marijuana for their patients, according to media reports. Intermountain Healthcare announced on Thursday that it has established a system to issue recommendation letters to patients with qualifying health conditions who could benefit from cannabis.

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I am a PPMS patient in late-stage: typical story, a tingle in my hand 20 years ago is now full body spasms, intense pain, complete loss of mobility, and mental confusion UNLESS I use massive amounts of cannabis, neurontin, and ativan at which point I can hobble around the house using a walker and life is good.

On October 4, 2018 Utah legislators released draft text of legislation known as the Utah Medical Cannabis Compromise Bill. This bill was drafted in response to Proposition 2, a citizen led initiative that legalizes the medicinal use of cannabis in Utah, and was intended to fix perceived issues and shortcomings with the initiative.

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Home Cannabis How mothers turned advocates lead the Push for Pediatric Hashish.. Moms. Due to the work of mothers like Wendy Turner, medical marijuana is presently authorized in 33 states, 4 U.S. territories and Washington, D.C. Like Wendy, these moms will do something to enhance the lives of.