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Manuel Antonio is one of the best places to see in Costa Rica. It is the main and most visited destination in the Central Pacific Region of Costa Rica, offering a variety of small and intimate hotels carefully built into hillsides in the rainforest just between Quepos town and the popular Manuel antonio national park.

No visit to Manuel Antonio is complete without a visit to the Manuel Antonio National Park. Though the crowds can swell to uncomfortable levels (Manuel Antonio is Costa Rica’s most visited national park), it’s still worth while elbowing your way in to see the monkeys play in the trees or the anteaters poke among the vegetation.

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3 Things You Must Do In Manuel Antonio It was a weekend destined to be fantastic and fabulous in every way. Spending it with Isaac, owner of Latitudes Adventure , and Pablo, his partner and person extraordinaire, the three of us headed to Manuel Antonio for a weekend vacation.

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My husband and I took a week long trip to Costa Rica in Dec 2011. We spent a day in the Manuel Antonio National Park on the Pacific coast. We started the tour of the national park with a tour guide who was equipped with a high end telescope to point out the fauna and flora.

Manuel Antonio Attractions Manuel Antonio has the most popular national park in the country attracting more than 250,000 people each year to its lush rainforest, pristine beaches and myriad wildlife. Just outside the park you’ll find Espadilla Beach, the longest and most popular beach in Manuel Antonio.

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Things to do in Manuel Antonio is an online website created by local Costa Ricans, dedicated to offering the best tours and activities in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. Here you will find all the excursions that are available in the area of Manuel Antonio.