SIGTARP proves that some bankers aren’t too big to jail

to SEC actions against those criminally charged) investigated by SIGTARP. Already, 30 bank officials investigated by SIGTARP have been sentenced to prison, including 11 officials at banks that received TARP. The remaining 19 officials were at banks that applied for TARP using fraudulent bank books, but did not receive TARP.

In addition, SIGTARP’s audit notes that some banks are using TARP money to invest in municipal bonds, with the asserted intent of "helping local communities." This means that federal taxpayers in Kansas may be effectively subsidizing the debt of the city of San Francisco. SIGTARP Concerns Regarding Public-Private Investment Program

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"Even if some people did not meet Treasury’s eligibility standards, SIGTARP has repeatedly pointed out, and Treasury has found in their reviews, known problems by the largest hamp servicers that have plagued homeowners," she said. Examples of these include income calculation errors, lost paperwork, and improper denials, according to Romero.

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impact than envisioned. SIGTARP pioneered a new wave of bank fraud investigations that has led to DOJ prosecutions for crimes far more dangerous than stealing TARP funds or banker kickbacks/self-dealing. SIGTARP found bankers committing bank fraud and securities fraud by hiding and lying about past-due loans to avoid charge offs that impact

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The special inspector general for the troubled asset relief program (SIGTARP) has announced the prosecution of four individuals in three separate cases on fraud-related charges against banks that.

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