I don’t want Mike White fired; I want him to win and be a Gator forever (Part II)

I will not be shocked when Mike White is fired because of the fact he cannot coach and everyone in this sub will completely flip again. Like I don’t know what good it has to have a recruiter for a coach if he can’t prove that he can develop and coach players to a win.

Where did you play them?. Winning 20 in the upcoming 2019-20 season will definitely be a. Under White, UF has had its way and then some with UNF, since. The Gators, like two years ago, will be at home and considerable favorites.. ( assuming the Tigers don't get hit by NCAA cops for mixing it up).

OC Who will be our next head coach? (self.FloridaGators). I like the guy and I like his work so far, but I don’t want him as my head coach. If he beats FSU, give the man a nice raise as DC, but otherwise let’s go for one of the other guys.. Essentially we want the Mike White of football. I.

The Republicans don’t trust us,’ said. foreign policy. If he fired up an enthusiasm that was never fully reflected in his vote totals, he also inspired a new generation of candidates and activists.

Yeah no, I don’t think so. NOT MY FIRST RODEO WITH THESE DIPSHITS. Here’s what inevitably happened instead: Advertisement The best part is that the Titans didn’t even WANT to win. Mike Mularkey.

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But it was part of a tone-deaf performance that revolved around Simmons, though Mullen rarely mentioned his new 5-star recruit by name. At one point, a reporter asked Mullen why Simmons was given uniform No. 36 – a special jersey in the Bulldogs program – and managed to say two completely separate things in his answer.